Goni Harlap

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Goni Harlap's sculptures are hand-made polymer castings, producing work that ranges from the figurative to the abstract. With a meticulous yet elusive and sensual aesthetic, her works pursue both the mythical and every day.

Harlap holds a MFA from the Haifa university (2016), BA degree in philosophy and literature from the Tel Aviv University (2002). and a grande diploma of the Cordon Bleu School for culinary arts,  Paris (1996).  

Roy Maayan 

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Roy Maayan, a potter / interdisciplinary artist. His work examines the social, political, geographical and formal histories of clay making techniques procedures and methods. His artistic process involves the exploration of different materialities of clay through the insertion of novel substances, which are not traditionally affiliated with the ceramic world. Maayan collaborates regularly with artists of varied artistic forms and genres, exhibit and lecture in different places around the globe. Holds a BFA in Ceramic Design from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem (2002), and an M.A in Multidisciplinary Art from Tel Aviv University (2007).