In collaboration with Liat Segal and Daouada Ndiaye

Containers/Recipients -  Senegal 2016 

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CONTAINERS is a an art piece by Roy Maayan & Goni Harlap, first realized in collaboration with Liat Segal & Dauode Ndiaye, for dak'art biennale-Off, Senegal 2016. 

Materiality plays an important role in our daily art practices, whether clay or rubber, soil or silicone, we both engage ourselves with tangible physicality. Visiting Senegal presented us with the opportunity to empty ourselves from the habitual and familiar, in favor of the the new and the unpredicted.

74 emptied water-bottles representing our combined body volume served as containers. During our visit to Senegal we  re-filled them with materials emerging from our encounters and experiences, many of which were led by the artist and our host Daouada Ndiaye. 


Experiencing through materiality raises questions concerning corporality and temporality. In this virtual era, the transformation of matter into collective image makes an indispensable part of CONTAINERS.


74 liters is our combined volume as measured on April 2016